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counselling for anxiety that causes woman to hide her face behind her hands after experiencing an anxiety attack

Anxiety is a warning signal that affects your body. It is an unsettling feeling that can be hard to describe, like an internal sense of dread. Some anxiety is proportional to what you are experiencing. But when anxiety starts to trouble you, it feels like having a smoke detector above the toaster – there are a lot of false alarms.

It is not always easy to know what causes anxiety or what to do about it. Life circumstances, past and current experiences all play a part. Some things we get anxious about seem hard-wired in the brain, like snakes. Other fears we have learnt based on what has happened to us, whether it is about social situations, intimacy or trying something new. Like an elevated form of worry, anxiety causes you to avoid certain situations or decisions. It turns your worst-case scenarios into the most likely outcome. Insomnia, depression and isolation start to creep in.
“Evolution favours an anxious gene” – Aaron Beck

Another way to describe anxiety is to view it on a spectrum. On one side we feel anxious and can take action, so our anxiety doesn’t increase. On the other side we experience anxiety that grips us to feeling physically helpless. Our level of anxiety may also depend on weather what we fear is happening and becoming real. Anxiety about things we imagine is different, however it may still be as strongly felt.

How counselling helps anxiety

When you feel anxious, you feel uncertain. Often anxiety is about uncertainties and unknowns of what the future might hold. Stress and fear, hinder your ability to problem solve. The situation feels out of your control. Together we make sense of what is happening when anxiety kicks in. When did this start, what is going on in your life, big or small? We also look at your boundaries in a trauma sensitive way. If you are looking for tools to support you, we may also use various mind body techniques, such as breathing or mindfulness exercises. More about the somatic psychotherapy and counselling I practise here.
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