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Anxiety affects our bodies and gives us an internal sense of dread. These overwhelming emotions are destabilising. When past experiences haunt us, it can feel like a current threat being generated from within.

It is not always easy to know what causes anxiety or what to do about it. Sometimes anxiety is an elevated form of worry that causes you to avoid certain situations. It can lead us to catastrophic thinking and turn our worst-case scenarios into the most likely outcome. When anxiety carries you away it can feel life limiting.
Stress, anxiety and fear are all enemies of learning. They hinder problem solving and get in the way of positive change. Together we help you discover resources within you so that you can handle the stressful events that trigger your anxiety.
How little can be done under the spirit of fear. - Florence Nightingale
Anxiety is triggered when the right brain fire emotions that overwhelm and confuse. When this happens, one way to bring about balance is to use the left brain language centers to help calm us down. Describing the emotions and making sense of what is going on together, can be very useful to bring about change. With curiosity and without judgement we explore what is going on. We may also use various mind body techniques, such as breathing or mindfulness exercises.
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