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Addiction Therapy

addiction is a response to emotional pain and therapy or counselling can help

Addiction is a form of response to emotional pain. In the short term, substances help numb or drown out negative, unwelcome feelings.


Drugs and alcohol can help overcome feelings of isolation and allow for feelings of closeness and warmth. To begin with, it feels as if it helps ease anxiety, insomnia or depression. Over time the relief from substances becomes a hindrance to life itself. Commonly your relationships suffer.

“Emotional pain that has to be experienced alone usually succumbs to some form of emotional numbing” - Dr. Robert Stolorow

It can take time to realise a dependency to alcohol or other drugs. Suddenly stopping at any time is difficult. Becoming an addict, is not a choice you make. Freeing yourself from the addiction that has crept in is hard. It is not something you have to do alone.

Counselling support for addiction


Feeling ashamed and guilty over your behaviour, you want to hide it from the world. Finding a way back to a manageable life requires support. Counselling is a place to come for non judgemental support. We look beyond your addiction. In some cases, the addiction may not even be part of our conversations. Over time, triggers are easier to resist and you feel differently about yourself in the world.

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