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Loss and grief are inevitable parts of life. If you have met death, it is not possible to live like you used to after.
grief counselling
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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Client in motion towards change

Stressful and traumatic experiences create biochemical changes in the body and the brain. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used to help alter these processes, through a specific way of reconnecting with our memory systems. Following the EMDR protocol we tailor our work to your unique story.

How does it work?

Memory and consciousness are intertwined. As a result, difficult experiences can cause so much fear that we store these memories in a way that is not helpful to our development or to living our lives fully. EMDR Therapy uses eye movements (sometimes replaced by other sensory stimulation) to support memory updating. The belief is that the eye movements, a primitive orienting reflex, signal to the brain to learn new information.

``If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change`` - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Simplistically, EMDR Therapy works in a way that whilst we talk about a belief, emotion or something else that is limiting your life, we let your eyes follow a certain pattern. During this process, we also allow positive emotions, experiences or beliefs to come in to your awareness. This supports a shift in experience and for old information in the brain to be updated and modified with new connections in your brain and body. In this way, EMDR helps trick the brain to allow new experiences, and helps us be less limited by memories from the past.

EMDR and Somatic Psychotherapy

Since the beginning, EMDR has been integrated with various therapeutic modalities. When you come to see me, EMDR Therapy is integrated with the somatic psychotherapy I practice, where the trust we create between us will be essential to how the EMDR Therapy unfolds and supports you. As we work through the phases of EMDR Therapy, we focus on body awareness and interventions where you set the pace. There are also specific exercises and sometimes homework between sessions. We go through the details of this in our first session.

Is EMDR Therapy for me?

There is no uniform technique or therapy that works for everyone. Many studies argue that more important than what type of therapy, is the connection you have with your therapist. Whilst EMDR is mostly known to relieve trauma symptoms, a lot of research over the last few decades show that EMDR is also beneficial for many other life challenges.

Can EMDR Therapy be done online?

Yes, it can. At the moment I do not offer EMDR online. If you follow this link to the EMDR Association of Australia, you will be able to contact other practitioners in Australia that do.

Be in touch

If you have a sense that meeting me and exploring how EMDR might support you, please be in touch. I would love to hear from you.

During 2023 & 2024 I am integrating EMDR Therapy into my practice. This means I have a limited amount of spots available, where I offer EMDR Therapy at a reduced fee. Session times may also be extended.

    EMDR Explained


    If you are curious to understand more before we meet, here are some helpful videos that explain the EMDR basics:

    This video gives a brief description of EMDR Therapy, produced by the EMDR Association Australia (EMDRAA).

    This is another helpful video by Francine Shapiro, also from the EMDRAA website.

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