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In every crisis, difficulty and broken dream – lies an opportunity for connection.

When you are hurting, overwhelmed or feel alone it can be distressing to process what is happening. It is easy to shut off and succumb to just getting by. Gradually you feel shut off from life. Without knowing, you numb yourself to not feel the pain. By doing so, you notice you also struggle to feel the joy. Somatic psychotherapy supports you in reconnecting with your feelings and with life.

A helping relationship

When you have a good connection with someone, a psychotherapist, counsellor or someone else, it is easier to find the courage and strength to get through. Difficult themes that may surface are:

  • feelings of rejection and being unworthy
  • shame and doubt in your ability
  • sadness or struggling to feel at all

By being with a trusted other, you can get through the experience without disowning the impact it is having on you. It is a path to start feeling more resilient, alive and hopeful.

A helping relationship

Human to human

Somatic Psychotherapy is a gentle counselling approach. It is appropriate for traumatic events, for example severe illness or loss. It is also helpful for other life challenges. Low self esteem, feeling alone or questions around where life is headed. To find out more about Somatic Psychotherapy or how I practise as a counsellor, keep clicking through, or send me a message.


Somatic Psychotherapy

In Somatic Psychotherapy & Counselling we pay attention to the feelings behind your thoughts, experiences and beliefs. By focusing on both feelings and thoughts, we “teach” the brain to react differently. This strengthens your sense of self and opens you up to feeling increasingly at peace with yourself and with life.

Hand reaching out over water symbolising the receiving of counselling support during depression


Stress and depression tend to go together. If we are exposed to enough uncontrollable stress, one way to defend ourselves is to learn to become helpless.

cancer support

Cancer Support

Going through cancer is an extraordinarily difficult and life changing experience. For many it is an emotionally isolating time. It is difficult to find someone who can really listen, understand and support you.


Relationship Issues

Relationships are the most rewarding things we have in life. They can also be the most challenging. They make us grow or they make us smaller.

Grief Counselling

Grief and Loss

Loss and grief are inevitable parts of life. If you have met death, it is not possible to live like you used to after. It is a time where you feel fragile. Self-compassion and authentic support can help you move through the pain.



Anxiety affects our bodies and gives us an internal sense of dread. These overwhelming emotions are destabilising. When anxiety carries you away, it can feel life limiting.


Postnatal depression

You have been longing to love this baby. When overwhelm and fatigue take over, it is a shaming and isolating experience.