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Counselling for depression

Hand reaching out over water symbolising the receiving of counselling support during depression

Stress and depression tend to go together. If you are exposed to enough uncontrollable stress, one way to defend yourself is to learn to become helpless.


Depression can feel like sinking into a dark hole. Much of this appears to increase when there is a lack of social support. We begin to lack motivation and start to fear the worst. Depression can also be linked with addiction. Feeling increasingly anxious is common. Finding a way out can leave you with a feeling of overwhelming despair. Handling the loneliness and feeling of emptiness that depression often comes with is not easy.

In a state of struggle it can be hard to look outward for support. Going inward to control emotion is different from reaching outwards to others at moments of difficulty. A hesitation to emotionally connect with others is often there, and often for good reason.

Counselling for depression is a journey back to being present in life. Somatic psychotherapy supports you to find ways to help you find a sense of control again. To grow stronger, with energy and motivation to move forward into the future. I like to think of therapy as a way to begin a long-lasting, warm friendship with ourselves.

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