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Cancer support
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No one affected by cancer should ever have to type “cancer support” into their web browser

I have a long term vision for the intersection between cancer and mental health. This is an intersection that is far from as easy to navigate or as supportive as it can be. After my family’s self lived experience of cancer, I have an acute awareness of the emotional isolation a cancer journey can bring. I also know the benefits of counselling and therapy for emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

My passion and vision is to:

“Support and be an advocate for a cancer care model that includes emotional wellbeing as an integral part of the care plan.


A cancer care model where everyone – patients, caregivers, and family – have quality options for emotional support clearly available and known to them.”

Counselling cancer support

WHEN you are hurting

Going through cancer? Lost a loved one? Adjusting to recent changes in your life?

No one knows the difficulty life may bring us. If what you are going through feels a bit much to carry, Psychotherapy & Counselling  can help relieve some of the immediate pressure.

a trusting therapeutic relationship


I believe good therapy start to happen when you feel your therapist cares for you.

Starting counselling can be difficult. Sharing thoughts and emotions can make you feel vulnerable. We explore your experiences at a pace that is comfortable to you.



Somatic Psychotherapy is a gentle approach where we pay attention to the feelings behind your thoughts.

Using this holistic approach of mind, brain and body, we “teach” the brain to react differently. This can significantly strengthen your sense of self and open you up to feeling increasingly at peace with yourself and with life.