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Going through cancer is an extraordinarily difficult and life changing experience. For many it is an emotionally isolating time. It is difficult to find someone who can really listen, understand and support you.
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Online Counselling – Trauma informed telephone counselling Australia


Sometimes when you need support, there is no time to access it. Lacking the time to travel to and from an appointment may cause you to hesitate seeking support. Whilst online counselling is not the same as sitting in a room together, it may be an alternative way of getting support. Support that would be otherwise difficult to access.

When might online counselling be useful?

Many circumstances may cause you to consider counselling online.

  • If you are living remotely
  • If you are short on time and this is hindering you to seek support
  • If you are physically disabled or too ill to travel

How to prepare for a counselling session online?

We want to resemble a face to face session, so find a private place to speak from. Try to minimise the risk of disturbances. This helps our meeting flow better. Have something for comfort with you. Maybe a cup of tea, a blanket and some tissues. This helps you relax and forget about the technology. Lastly, bring a charger for your electronic device.

How can I organise an online counselling session?

Online counselling should not replace any assistance you may already be receiving. However, it can be useful additional support when you need it. If your situation feels very distressing and overwhelming, it may be best to first contact your GP for a face to face referral to a Mental Health Professional in your area.

Before an initial online counselling session, we set up a 15-min no obligation talk about whether online counselling is suitable for you.

Online counselling with me is only available if you are living in Australia.

Obligation free 15 minute chat

Contact me and I will be in touch with you soon.

Anna (0420 361 800)

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